From the 7th till the 10th August I went diving with TAKA from Cairns. First night we covered about 150 km to the North from where we would dive on the next day. 4 Dives were scheduled for the next day, which included the Cod Hole and Cod feeding, Challenger Bay and a night dive at Challenger Bay. I have never felt so tired after a day of diving!

Cod Feeding

We were about 25 divers on he boat and a crew of 8. The TAKA is a very modern dive boat with all possible luxury. Enough space everywhere, great food and a crew who really looked after us. On the second diving day again 4 dives were scheduled. Three dives alone were during the morning and a night dive later on. I quit the night dive because I thought it was just too much.

The coral gardens are really beautiful and there is plenty of different colors. Unfortunately there was only one big Cod at the feeding but he was impressiv enough.

All in all a great diving trip!


More photos here

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    Der Zacki ist ja gigantisch! Aber wo sind die Haifotos?

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