Overtook this (unknown) Japanese Rider on the way to Tennant Creek (NT, Australia on the 17 June 07). Later on I stopped to take some pictures and he passed me again. And then while I was heading North on the Stuart Highway I ran out of fuel.  With my reserve I can only get about 30-40 Km and according to my GPS I still had about 60 Km to go till the next town. But then I remembered that I had seen this Japanese Rider with lots of jerry cans. So I increased the speed and tried to catch up with him and eventually I did since he was only doing max 80 Km/h. Waved him down and asked if he had any fuel left. He shook all jerry cans and we found 1 Litre in one of them…
Better 1 litre than nothing and together we made in to Mataranka where we got fuel. It was getting dark and I asked him if he would stay for the night on the caravan park. Negative https://winscp.biz , he was in a hurry to get to Cairns and so he continued into the night….

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