but to be honest, it could have happened in worse places 😉

I’ve actually already been here longer than planned and then yesterday I replaced the neutral switch on my bike and saw this on my front wheel:

Speichennippel vo AT

I then checked all other spokes and found more damaged ones. Some have just very small cracks, like the one on the right in the next pictures:

Speiche vo AT

In total I counted 18 broken nipples…
And I can’t blame Honda. These wheels were custom built for me with black Akront rims and thicker spokes. I have never seen anything like that before but I also have to keep in mind that my AT is a bit front heavy with the big fuel tank and the bashplate with toolboxes. And so far I have covered about 100’000 Km with these wheels and I have done some nasty offroad sections without any serious dent in the rim.

Will try to get new nipples from Switzerland and then I’m back on the road.

All the best from Tanzania


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