Travellers Met

Claudio on Oktober 26th, 2008

Heading through Cambodia on our first day in the country, we met once again another traveller. Not on a bike but with a truck! Guy Bazin left France three years ago and his driven his truck all the way to Cambodia. We met him while he was getting ready to let air out of his […]

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Claudio on September 3rd, 2008

No comment on this one…. Seen at Daly Waters Pub puttygen

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Claudio on September 3rd, 2008

Overtook this (unknown) Japanese Rider on the way to Tennant Creek (NT, Australia on the 17 June 07). Later on I stopped to take some pictures and he passed me again. And then while I was heading North on the Stuart Highway I ran out of fuel.  With my reserve I can only get about […]

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Claudio on September 3rd, 2008

Ist jetzt schon eine Weile her (29. Aug 07), dass ich Benno auf dem Tanami Track (NT, Australien) getroffen habe. Er war damals fast am Ende seiner grossen Reise die ihn mit dem Fahrrad von der Schweiz nach Australien gefuehrt hat. Aber sein Ziel Perth hat er nicht ueber den kuerzesten Weg angefahren, sondern noch […]

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Claudio on September 3rd, 2008

Met this couple on „Postie Bike“ here in George Town, Malaysia! These Honda CT-110 are used by the Australien Postmen to deliver mail. Not very powerful (7,5 HP) but from what I learned very reliable. They started their trip in Perth and are heading for Marocco… Hope to meet them again sometime during our trip. […]

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