Claudio on Juli 5th, 2009

Tanzania Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Community https://putty-ssh.com

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Claudio on Juni 24th, 2009

With plenty of time on hand in Dar es Salaam I got some rather strange ideas. Found an invitation letter for an art gallery producing furniture made out of old Dhows. When I went there I already had a slight idea what I was looking for. And this is what I bought: Heavy as hell […]

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Claudio on Juni 14th, 2009

After 44 days in Dar es Salaam it’s time to move on. The „Black Widow“ is fixed and ready to hit the road again. I had a great time here while waiting for spare parts to get the front wheel fixed. Now that everything is done I’ll be heading towards Kenya and then further up […]

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Claudio on Mai 29th, 2009

Heute darf ich mein 2-jaehriges Jubilaeum auf der Strasse feiern. Andere  haben schon darueber berichtet. Nach Australien, Sued-Ost Asien und dem suedlichen Afrika bin ich nach ueber 89’000 Km in Dar es Salaam (Tansania) gelandet. Hier sitze ich nun seit einigen Wochen und geniesse einen „Urlaub im Urlaub“. War zwar nicht unbedingt so geplant aber […]

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Claudio on Mai 26th, 2009

Hey guys Last weekend I spent in a place called Lazy Lagoon. I can tell u, it was a real treat! Check out the pics by clicking on the Screenshot below.

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Claudio on Mai 18th, 2009

Vorlaeufig bin ich auf folgender Mobile Nummer zu erreichen: I can be reached on following mobile phone number: +255 75 933 20 95 All the best from Dar es Salaam Claudio

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Claudio on Mai 15th, 2009

but to be honest, it could have happened in worse places 😉 I’ve actually already been here longer than planned and then yesterday I replaced the neutral switch on my bike and saw this on my front wheel: I then checked all other spokes and found more damaged ones. Some have just very small cracks, […]

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